How to start a fire in the snow?

How to start a fire in the snow?

Well friends. I have a confession to make. I was going to produce a new video on how to start a fire in the snow. Ya see, last night we got quite a bit, and when I woke this morning and saw the fresh layer covering everything, I thought, “This will be an excellent opportunity to make that video!” I’m sure you can see where this is going…..I didn’t make the video.

how to start a fire in the snow?

I had started off with the best intentions. Camera set up? Check. Spot picked out? Check. Tender ready? Check. Well, not really. I had wanted to create the video to show what to do if you really didn’t have anything but a wad of dryer lent and a flint stick. This was my downfall. You see, with living in the Pacific Northwest EVERYTHING is soaked to the core, and the snow sure didn’t help. I couldn’t find anything that would light with anything short of a gallon of gasoline. Which brings me to the main point:

If you are to venture into the wilderness, especially with your family – you need to be prepared for anything. Bring one, two, even three methods to light a fire. The way to have gotten this fire started would be with a lighter and fire starter sticks. We’re not Bear Grills or Survivor Man, we are a family out having fun in the woods and we need to be prepared to do such. Don’t misunderstand me, skills like that are paramount,  but what’s the saying? Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I could have made a video on something as simple as lighting a fire starter log, but what would be the fun in that? I am left to collect my thoughts, gather my bearings (and dignity) and will, at some point, re-address this video.