Campsite Basic First Aid

Campsite Basic First Aid

So you’ve gotten to your campsite, your unloading the truck and putting up the tent. The kids are running around, excited to be outside, the wife and dog are about to go for a quick walk, now FREEZE…………

It is at this moment that we are the most prone to minor accidents like bumps, scratches, sprains and bruising, due to the fact that everyone is excited and everyone is really hands on getting the site set up and exploring the immediate area.   The first step to basic first aid is awareness.

But it will happen, someone will fall or get a small cut and you’ll need to have the supplies available so this little accident doesn’t ruin the whole trip. ALWAYS carry a first aid kit! The following is a list of things we bring with us, add what ever else you may need or want, but remember, your not a hospital, don’t equip yourself as such – we’re talking basic first aid:

  • Band-aids (assortment pack)
  • Neosporin (I carry the spray kind)
  • small roll of guaze and tape
  • Tylenol / Asprin
  • Bug Spray
  • Tweezers and small scissors
  • Baby Wipes / Sterile Wipes

That will cover you for a basic first aid kit, a couple of other things you could throw in that I found really comes in handy are:

  • Anti-Diarrhea Medicine
  • Monkey Balm Ointment (for sore muscles)
  • Sunscreen
  • Liquid Bandage
  • Antiseptic spray

There you have it for putting together a basic first aid kit, now you’ll put it to use:

- Cuts / Scrapes:  Wipe the area with the Sterile Wipes / Apply Neosporin / Apply Band-aid. (Use sterile wipe or clean rag to apply pressure to the area to stop the flow of blood, if that is not stopping it then raise the effected area above the head while still maintaining pressure on the wound).

- Sprained Ankle: Lay or sit down and elevate the effected leg. Refrain from moving or putting pressure on the sprain. Wrap ice in a clean cloth and place on sprain to relieve the swelling.

- Thorns / Splinters: Use tweezers to gently remove and wipe area with sterile wipes and then apply thin layer of neosporin.

- Dust or Dirt in Eyes: Do not rub eyes! Hold eye lids open while gently pouring water into eye to flush. Gently wipe area around eye with clean cloth to prevent debris that was flushed out from re-entering.

First aid isn’t hard at all – use common sense, use the treatments you have and don’t let a small accident bring an end to your trip.